Hilti Company Report 2019

Was macht Hilti eigentlich so besonders? Natürlich würden wir sofort unsere hochwertigen und innovativen Produkte, Software und Serviceleistungen aufzählen. Aber was macht Hilti eigentlich für unsere Kunden so besonders?


“Great to see you!” “Our foundation is a strong caring and performance-oriented culture.” “This is product differentiation that we can really use.” “Our customers can find what they are looking for with greater ease.” Hilti Foundation “The cordless breaker makes Hilti a global leader.” “In the event of a fire, safety is our number one priority.” “We haven’t lost a single tool since we’ve started using ON!Track.” A new train depot at Hong Kong International Airport “China is developing at a rapid pace.” “The search for innovation is taking place everywhere.” “BIM allows the construction industry to practice integrated cooperation.” “With the right training, it can be quite easy.” “No location is too far away for a product demonstration.” “That’s what I call a job with a view.” “Good Timing.” “I’m happy to drive the extra mile.” “This helps us to reach our customers faster.” “Has the shotcrete sufficiently hardened?” “Hilti Fleet Management improved our productivity.” “We are all working toward a better future.” “In the future, we will be able to offer even better services to our customers.” “Field2BIM solutions greatly enhance customer productivity.” “PROFIS Engineering saves us up to 75% of the time required to perform calculations by hand.” “If we can’t get to the construction site for training, we bring the construction site to us.” “Excellent global teamwork and our close relationship with customers were key to winning the Tyra project.” “Education is key for leading an autonomous life.” “Are you REDi?” “Our corporate culture is continuously developing.” “No two days are alike.” Grand Paris Express

Business Areas

Anchor systems Power Tools & Accessories Direct fastening & screw fastening Firestop systems Diamond systems Measuring systems Installation systems Tool services Construction services


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